Ellison Sales Gives You Choices – At Ellison Sales we specialize in Hogs and offer you the choice of As-Is from our large nationwide inventory or Reconditioned with a Warranty. And you can rest assured that when Dan the Hog Man says it’s reconditioned, it’s much more than new paint. So if you need a replacement hog or if you’re adding mulch or grinding to your operation, your first call should be to Ellison Sales toll-free at 1-888-244-0161 to insure you get the right system and components to create a profitable product. From bark mulch, sawmill waste, pallet recycling to tire and other material reduction you only need one name – Ellison Sales.

In addition, Ellison offers material handling systems, related electrical and more. Check out our current inventory below.


Mid-Oregon Vibrating Conveyor

22' long x 15" wide x 4" deep

Montgomery Industries 26HD

Set of rebuilt rings

Montgomery Industries 34HD50

200 HP motor with V-belt

Turner Twin Band Resaw

Turner 42" twin band resaw

Montgomery Industries 50PM-HZF

Montgomery 50PM-HZF

Unknown Belt Conveyor

24" wide x 155' long belt conveyor, pan type, with 7.5hp gearmotor drive. Pan lengths are 40', 40', 35', 23', and 17'. Weight is estimated to be 15,000#. Owner will cut longer pans to allow shipping within about 20' of deck.

Unknown Blower

500MCFM Blower 100hp

Montgomery Industries 26HD-HZF

3-15/16" bearings, left hand, with drive pulley on flywheel end

Unknown 250 HP 1775 rpm

ODP motor, 230/460VAC 3 ph 447T frame. Tested.